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He got one year since there was no evidence of his intention to commit a crime Dunkin Donut Donald Trump America runs on Trump shirt. Anyway, after the whole thing, I felt that I owed my neighbor my entire life, which I technically did. However, I ended up taking it further. I kept thanking him by buying things for him and doing whatever I think he would love. It got to the point where he had to have a serious talk with me on how I need to take it down a few notches. I never actually understood what he meant until after my therapist told me about White Knight Syndrome. It was impressive that so many people were willing to help someone else save a couple of dogs that had been abandoned at the rest area away down the road. We’ve always felt the dogs knew we were coming.

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Dunkin Donut Donald Trump America runs on Trump shirt

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A friend of mine was camping in the country with his wife. Late one evening a group of locals showed up at their campsite. They were friendly at first, but then things started getting ugly. One made a lewd comment about his wife and grabbed her. That’s when my friend drew his pistol. Suddenly the locals found they had business elsewhere. My friend reported it to the Sheriff who said they were known trouble makers and had been in and out of jail for years. I’ll leave it to you to decide how things may have turned out had he not been armed. By the way, in this case, and every other one I’m aware of, no shots were fired. This is true of the vast majority of cases where a firearm is used in self-defense. Which flies in the face of the idea that law-abiding citizens who carry firearms are simply looking for an excuse to kill someone.

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