Bts break the silence signatures shirt

As the Bts break the silence signatures shirt and by the same token and climate-change crisis continues to impact the choices we make as consumers, an area that’s increasingly being taken to task is beauty. And for good reason: The beauty industry is among the world’s largest polluters. According to Euromonitor International, 152.1 billion units of beauty and personal-care packaging were sold globally in 2018 alone. In this particular moment, where the global pandemic and lockdown orders have shifted focus to skin care more than makeup routines, the sustainability (or rather lack thereof) of single-use skin-care products feels especially topical. The crop of reusable alternatives coming to market is only adding to the conversation.For the founders of new skin-care brand Dieux—which debuted with the sleek, reusable teal eye patches you’re suddenly seeing all over Instagram—the ultimate way to offset environmental impact is to reduce how much a consumer needs to rebuy something. “With so much saturation in the beauty industry, it’s important to make products that are unique and deserve a spot in your beauty cabinet,” says Charlotte Palermino, cofounder and CEO of Dieux. “For us, the last eye mask you’ll ever need to buy accomplishes that mission.” For single-use sheet masks especially, the concept is not only more green and wallet-friendly but straight up logical.“In looking at the research, consulting our dermatologist advisers, and having been sheet-mask users ourselves, we realized…all you need is that occlusive layer,” explains Palermino. “Most of the claims and benefits around sheet masks are because you’re putting something on top of a serum that slows absorption. You can just take the disposable part out of it.”Applying this kind of thinking to other sorts of skin-care tools has yielded a breadth of similar, eco-friendly alternatives to meet everyday skin-care needs. From reusable face masks to sustainable alternatives to cotton swabs and buds, here are six skin-care essentials to swap into your routine to make it kinder to the planet.

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