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Never did I imagine that I would be putting all the Red Bus shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this options on the table: hospital, home birth, natural birth at the birthing center. The thought of not having my husband or mother there is unimaginable. The idea of contracting COVID-19 and being separated from a newborn even worse. For all pregnant women, COVID-19 is an extra layer of worry. After I started a Whatsapp group for pregnant women, I began hearing perspectives from around the world: A friend in Italy is living through the worst of the pandemic and has been told that if she contracts the virus, she won’t be allowed in the hospital. Her husband is not allowed in regardless. A few first-time pregnant friends in New York have had to process the emotional impact of being told they wouldn’t be allowed to have support in the hospital. Though this mandate was reversed, and non-sick partners are now allowed in, one friend told me her husband would be asked to leave two hours after the baby’s birth.

Red Bus shirt

We are all wondering: what will the Red Bus shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this virus do to our babies and to our births? (In my avid news consumption, I uncovered even the smallest studies that indicated bleak, if unlikely, possibilities.) Will the baby get the virus? What would it mean to get sick with the changed immune system that comes with pregnancy? There are so few answers available. It’s still so early. We know that SARS (another Coronavirus) had a profound impact on pregnant women and babies. Thank goodness, COVID-19 isn’t looking like it does thus far. I’m based in Charleston, where our hospital system is already under strain. As the crisis unfolds, it is a clear possibility that our hospitals will be slammed by early summer. On March 20th, the New York Times projected that with “moderate” measures we would have a 51% infection rate (180,000 people) in Charleston County by June. This is our expected “peak”—and also my due date.

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