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In fact, research shows women across all professions are statistically more likely to experience burnout, feeling an increased pressure to be “always on.” New research by McKinsey shows that senior-level women are significantly more likely than men at the Official south show merch tomahawk shirt Furthermore, I will do this same level to feel burned out and under pressure to work more. Dr Schaffner suggests this is because women feel greater pressure to strike the balance between childcare and work commitments. “Many of us felt guilty for not being able to commit fully to our work and also for not being as committed a parent as we want to be.” Working from home, especially now that there might be less access to childcare will, of course, exacerbate this.

Official south show merch tomahawk shirt

The obvious answer is self-care or “pre-emptive self-care” as Dr Curran calls it, which is to say, “replenishing mental and emotional reserves before burnout hits.” Indeed, going easy on ourselves and listening to our bodies can all help us cope with the Official south show merch tomahawk shirt Furthermore, I will do this pressure to be productive during this time. Both Dr Curran and Dr Schaffner suggest establishing clear work-life boundaries and routines. Dr Schaffner recommends establishing a clear beginning and end to the working day with regular breaks throughout as well as finding other ways to switch off from work stressors such as turning off your work emails or notifications to create a clearer division.

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