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“I think there’s like this constant academic rejection of how being stylish or having a relationship to fashion can also be a part of an artist’s practice of writing themselves into the World’s dopest mom weed cannabis sunflower marijuana shirt also I will do this world, or shaping how the world sees them, and so I think I wanted to look to writers as inspiration to talk about that,” he continues. His SSENSE collection may consist of pieces that fall at the more casual end of Harris’s broad sartorial spectrum, but the story underpinning it is a little more baroque. “The entire collection is a play—it’s a 15-line monologue—and if you were to get every piece of the collection, you would have the full text of the play,” Harris explains. “I got the idea from my love of the movie Phantom Thread. I love the idea of someone putting hidden messages inside of clothing, so I wanted it to be sometimes explicit, and sometimes a surprise to the wearer. In some pieces, like the sweatsuits, it’s sort of the main event, but some of the more revealing or vulnerable lines are hidden in the waistband of the skirt or the lining of the pocket, that you only discover when you put your hand inside.”

World's dopest mom weed cannabis sunflower marijuana shirt

When Maayan Sherris launched her label, Sherris, back in 2016— then going by the World’s dopest mom weed cannabis sunflower marijuana shirt also I will do this name Babes and Bathers—people started wearing the eye-catching swimwear beyond the beach. The patchwork swimsuit tops and bottoms, along with their lettuce seams, count cool-girl Lourdes Leon and Addison Rae as fans. The latter wore an off-the-shoulder blue and green top in a TikTok video, showing off the look to her 71.5 million fans. While unintentional, the brand’s funky swimwear-as-daywear made sense. The colorful tanks and long-sleeve tops are made to be layered and provide coverage. As a result, they look just as good styled with faded jeans and shorts as with a pair of bikini bottoms. (The pieces are easy to wash too.) So for Sherris, creating the same kind of tops as knits was a natural progression from swimwear. “I wanted something that stretches still and was colorful,” she says. Sherris started to make the knits during lockdown in Israel due to COVID-19. Stranded at her mother’s house on a kibbutz, she wasn’t allowed to leave the area. “Luckily I had taken my sewing machine,” she says. “I had all of my old sweaters and the first samples. I was back to being 15 again, sewing all day with nothing to do.” Following her signature patchwork theme, Sherris began to sew the fabric together in her childhood room, using patches and not patterns, with “no consistency,” resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces.

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