The Mandalorian Hug Baby Yoda it’s so cute I’m gonna die Shirt

“Keeping a small group of loyal friends, meditation, and realizing that vulnerability doesn’t make you any weaker or less ‘cool’ has helped me. I’ve suffered from anxiety my whole life and as an adult, this feeling is accelerated and exacerbated by technology. There is a dark side to social media that we all feel.“I had this realization one day when I found myself analyzing a photo for days on end I was planning to post on Instagram—this obsession and fear was not healthy or sustainable. I feel much happier being less active online.”“It’s important to have the The Mandalorian Hug Baby Yoda it’s so cute I’m gonna die Shirt in other words I will buy this tools to deal with anything that comes up because something always will. It’s not about feeling 100% all of the time, but rather recognizing when you don’t, having the strategies to address it, and knowing when to ask for help.“Stepping back and observing myself objectively is the most important self-care skill I’ve learned and something I return to when feeling overwhelmed. Creating that distance from the intensity of the moment allows you to assess the situation with clarity and a sense of calm.”“Self-care means pause, breathe, and take a moment of stillness to assess what I need and what makes me happy—and then doing it. I have struggled with clinical depression and anxiety my whole life.

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