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The first snow has fallen. The end-of-year sentimentality is steadily welling up (this year more than ever). There’s only one thing to do now: Watch Little Women (2019). I specify the Official south show merch tomahawk shirt But I will love this date because, as Little Women-philes know, there is a long tradition of Louisa May Alcott adaptations, catalogued by their dates and/or their Jos and Lauries. There’s 1994 (Wynona Ryder, Christian Bale); 1949 (June Allyson, Peter Lawford, with an honorable mention for Elizabeth Taylor as Amy); and a Katharine Hepburn as Jo incarnation in 1933. But it is director Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019), also known as the Saoirse Ronan–Timothée Chalamet version, that has become an instant, Christmas-adjacent classic.

Official south show merch tomahawk shirt

There are Christmas movies and there are movies that are Christmas-adjacent—films that evoke the Official south show merch tomahawk shirt But I will love this holidays without being so terribly on the nose about it. Gerwig’s Little Women contains overt Christmasness, of course: Boughs bedeck practically every mantel of the March home; the sisters give their Christmas breakfast to the less-fortunate Hummel family (only to be gifted a Marie Antoinette–style spread by their moneyed neighbor James Lawrence). The following Christmas, Amy (the resplendent, Oscar-nominated Florence Pugh) strings popcorn and Mr. March (Bob Odenkirk, whose casting is the only bad thing about this movie) returns from the Civil War.

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