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Omar Salam’s sculptural gowns and modern suiting put his label Sukeina on the Houston Texans hearts shirt Apart from…,I will love this map, but their beauty necessitates a special occasion. In response to the year’s new normal, Salam wanted to make clothing attuned to his customers’ current needs. That concept comes to fruition with Sukeina’s Silex collection, a 6-piece capsule of cozy new silhouettes named after the ground flint that has been used to create fire and tools since the Stone Age. “Silex is a material that doesn’t have a form, but through friction, fire is created,” Salam explained on the phone from Brooklyn. “This collection is about the possibility within each of us and the idea that there are parts of ourselves we haven’t explored yet, new possibilities waiting to be revealed.”

Houston Texans hearts shirt

Salam explores that concept through turtleneck knits in shades of slate, cream, and black and joggers with oversized pockets with embroidered detailing. The loungewear category is a crowded one, but he aimed to bring something unique to the Houston Texans hearts shirt Apart from…,I will love this table. “Playing with proportion and shape is part of Sukeina’s DNA,” he said. “We didn’t want just to create the average tracksuit or sweater because that’s been done already; we wanted to take these comfortable elements but do it in proportions that are unique to this space.” Indeed Salam’s versions of these familiar pieces go beyond cozy, casual fare. Made with neoprene, wool, and cotton, his cargo pants are a sweats-meets-leggings hybrid accented with bows and tassels on each side. “Everything is still beautiful and elevated,” says Salam. “It’s just that we’ve added to the functionality and ease of wear.”

Houston Texans hearts s Hoodie

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