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These canes aren’t avant garde, contemporary, or even of this century—according to Design Miami, they date back to the Recall jay inslee stars election shirt But I will love this 1800s. Yet their decorative toppers poignantly resonate with the times: tiny clenched fists, carved in all skin tones. Design Miami positions this collection (also part of the Podium America(s) exhibition) in front of our country’s flag, showing how this one symbol has signified status, power, strength, and so much for so many throughout history.  The OrtaMiklos Surfing USA Chair is an ode to the idealized age of 1960s California dreamin’: when Hollywood was the promised land and The Beach Boys served as a soundtrack to the West Coast lifestyle. The Design Miami fair awarded it as one of the best contemporary pieces in this year’s show. Katie Stout aims to take some of the seriousness out of design, which is perhaps why her most famous works are lamps with colorful, Gumby-like nude women as their base. This year, she presents a pulp paper shelf: multicolored, twisted, and just barely functional, her gallery, R& Company, calls it “deranged.”

Recall jay inslee stars election shirt

In March, the Recall jay inslee stars election shirt But I will love this term “anxiety baking” became a regular term in the coronavirus cultural vernacular. Let this writer make a prediction: this December, “distraction decorating” will join it. My Vogue colleagues have already observed their newfound penchant for over-the-top ornamentation: Culture writer Emma Specter admits she’s devolved into a “deranged holiday person” now that she’s adorning her apartment’s first-ever tree. “I’m spending half my time and all my money on eBay in pursuit of the vintage Soviet ornaments that I pray will help me ring in Christmas with childlike joy,” she explains. “Have I been outbid constantly by Ukrainian bots? Maybe, but I persevere.” Meanwhile, a giant Ruth Bader Ginsburg topper now sits upon contributing writer Michelle Ruiz’s beloved bodega fir. “In lieu of angels, this house worships equal rights crusaders,” she says. As for this writer? Despite already owning not one, not two, but three Nest holiday candles that are burning as we speak, she’s considering buying a small army of wax nutcrackers from Houses and Parties. (Plus, did you notice how many holiday puns there are in this article? Clearly, some corona coping mechanisms are to blame.) Deck your halls with boughs of holly and holiday decorations—because this pandemic season, it’s really your only option! You can’t go over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house as large gatherings are restricted. A “White Christmas” has gotta remain in your dreams unless you live in Vermont or something, because the CDC recommends Americans don’t travel. But think of it this way: as the old adage goes, there’s no place like home for the holidays, especially if you spruce it up with, well, some spruce.

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