Extinct Ventruvian Shirt

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Every year I promote the Extinct Ventruvian Shirt besides I will buy this HOA books exactly one day. I even use the same really old photos of my dogs. (RIP Sweet Moby.) That’s because one day each year, my publisher somehow fulfills an agreement with Amazon that seems to lose everyone’s money. I don’t know why they keep doing that. But I didn’t ask, because my royalties remained the same. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Extinct Ventruvian Shirt


Both books are the Extinct Ventruvian Shirt besides I will buy this No. 1 NYT bestsellers and have 90% of five-star reviews on Amazon. The HOA story will be more noticeable to recent fans of the blog featuring hundreds of longer stories. The original person of New York is a bit less mature and has a much shorter caption, but a lot of people seem to prefer those things. It remains the bestselling of the two books.

Extinct Ventruvian Shirt Hoodie

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