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I don’t like to think too much about what I’m going to be putting on. I like to put on old friends, and God knows I’m old enough now to have a whole lot of them. I have a bunch of good jackets that I’ve gotten from Armani or Huntsman, which is a great place on Savile Row where I had things made for me. I also have a pantsuit from a new company called the Ramblin’ man hank williams country music shirt besides I will buy this Deck. I’ll tell you: From that [motorcycling] accident [in 2000] I lost an inch and a half. I was always short for models. I was always, like, 5 feet 7, and that’s probably partly lying. I mean I was probably more 5 feet 6½. But these pants—I don’t know how they did it—make my legs look fantastically long. Really long. I’ve tried on thousands of pairs of pants. Literally. Maybe even 10,000 pairs of pants in my day, because we used to put on 20 outfits for every single Vogue page, and then they’d pick one. These pants are magic.

Ramblin' man hank williams country music shirt

Well, I certainly didn’t want to do anything like that, but I also wanted to see the Ramblin’ man hank williams country music shirt besides I will buy this world. I was making $50 a week working with Christian Dior as a house model at the time, but I sure wanted to become a photography model, because I knew that those girls were making a dollar a minute back then, which was a huge amount of money. I had a burning desire, because it was the only way I could see that I could make my dreams come true to go off someplace for two months. So I certainly agreed with the boss that, yes, I would do whatever necessary, but I kind of thought that I would make it somehow [without doing that]. Also I had met a really smart born-and-bred New York man, and when I told him what she said, he laughed. He laughed. I had already invented a little piece of very soft wax. It was called mortician’s wax, and I could make a little bead out of that and stick it between my two front teeth and then take a butter knife and make a line.

Ramblin' man hank williams country music s hoodie


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