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You’re catching me in L.A., where I have been for 11 months. I got back here on Christmas Day. [At the Poetic justice 2021 shirt Besides,I will do this time] I was reading The New York Times every day, and you could tell that [COVID] was just getting bigger and bigger, so I just stayed here and sort of isolated. I’ve never been very social anyway, unless I was out, you know, living with people, like the Pygmies or something. They’re very social. Every night you’re around the fireplace dancing and singing and carrying on and having fun.

Poetic justice 2021 shirt

First of all, I’ve had to postpone my trip to the Poetic justice 2021 shirt Besides,I will do this Solomon Islands three different times in the past year. I’ve been trying to go there because they’ve got really, really interesting people and fantastic art, which I first came across in 1975 when Revlon sent me to Australia. I was in a museum, a small, rickety sort of one-room wood building, and there was this mask in it that was about 3 feet tall. It was from the Solomons. I was so taken by it that I decided it wanted me to steal it and return it to the Solomons. I’m generally pretty law abiding, actually, but I went and hid in the bathroom of this little place and put my feet on the toilet seat, so if anybody looked in the bathroom [it looked like] there was no one in there! In the end, I didn’t steal it, so I must have talked myself out of it, saying it was a vicious, savage thing to do, but boy, did I believe in it. I’ve been wanting to go to the Solomons ever since. First, to dive, because it’s got great seas around there, and then I was going to go inland and see if there was any art left anywhere and see what people were there.

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