I like beer and running and maybe 3 people vintage shirt

Wealthy Kashmiris funding the extremists on Indian soil should heavily sanction I like beer and running and maybe 3 people vintage shirt and those living abroad should be added to global terror lists. Although I may be wrong in saying this, we should probably fortify the current LoC and focus on holding and caring for the people in it than hope to get people on another side on our side. National airlines and railways should be partly privatized. This not improves the quality, but saves the government a lot of issues and can become cash cow in the future. Kenya airways is prime example of how privatization of failing airlines can do a turnaround and work wonders. Construction of newer smart cities is necessary to provide livelihood and a good lifestyle to our growing population, also, with all the rich heritage that our country has, tourism needs to be improved.

Wild Moose tree shirt

Typewriter I make stuff up vintage shirt

I like beer and running and maybe 3 people vintage shirt

Champagne breakfast of champions shirt

Yes I am old but I saw Eddie Van Halen on stage signature shirt

Yes I am old but I saw David Bowie on stage nice shirt

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Trump lost Biden won wear a mask shut up shirt

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Never underestimate an Educator who survived the 2020 pandemic shirt

Never underestimate a Teacher who survived the 2020 pandemic shirt

This is because it probably works like a metaphor. Suppose you carry a bucket. You take that bucket and go out to collect the stuff you want. When you find the stuff you want, you put it in your bucket and continue your search till your bucket is full. Just like that, your bucket is your life and the stuff you want to collect are the things you want to do/get/lose. You might as well call it a bag list or a container list or a pot list or something else but someone out of the millions that came and went decided to call it “bucket list” and then probably no one bothered to change it. I don’t have a bucket list as I’ve gone along doing what I want to do, doing things that interest me and I enjoy, are fulfilling, and so on. No bucket list means no associated worries, stresses, and strains. The energy used up with worries, stresses, and strains could be used for efforts elsewhere. Perhaps the energy could be redirected into doing what you want to do, doing things that interest you and you enjoy on a daily basis.

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