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I don’t know your situation Eagle fang karate shirt, but even if for example someone was keeping you locked in to keep you from doing drugs or going out and doing something reckless or to harm yourself, for example, you should still be able to use a washroom and be treated humanely. Not allowing you to go out, could simply be a grounding. But the other things you mentioned sounds more than a simple grounding and is legally, ethically, and morally concerning. In my personal opinion, I don’t think there is a situation where this is ok. If the camera is on you and not giving you privacy to use the washroom or change this is also wrong and possibly perverted. If you have the ability to, report the abuse to the police. I understand when you are in an abusive situation you may not fully understand what is abuse and what isn’t because it may be all you know and what you are used to.

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But tell them everything about your experience, leave nothing out. Obviously locking you in with a bucket for the washroom is not good, there may be more to the situation that your not identifying as abuse. If you are punished regularly or neglected if your parents do anything else that could be oddly sexual or perverted, even defaming you to others…. Etc. Think about it and take notes, don’t give your parents excuses for their behavior. If it feels wrong or unjust then trust your gut and report it. Don’t fill in the gaps and give reasons why you think it is happening and don’t feel guilty for your parents. Your safety and well-being is the number one priority. It will get sorted out between you and your parents if you seek help. Just tell authorities all the facts of what is happening to you. If you let out to go to school, Tell a teacher Or a counselor, and confide in a friend. If you are locked in and can’t get out but have access to the internet or a phone find a way to report to your local police online.

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