Zannashirts – City of good neighbors shirt

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Zannashirts – City of good neighbors shirt

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This weekend, Dante, officially the City of good neighbors shirt in addition I really love this best bar in America, opens its first location outside of New York City in partnership with the Snow Lodge. Whereas Dante’s metropolitan haunts go heavy on the negronis, their mountain menu offers spiked coffees, boozy affogatos, gourmet hot chocolate and several spritzes on tap. (Perhaps after a long day on the slopes you want the classic aperol, or maybe one with clementine and saffron will do.) “We’re tying more to what you may see in the Italian Alps as opposed to the American Rockies,” Linden Pride, Dante’s owner, tells Vogue.

City of good neighbors shirt

Although that’s not to say the City of good neighbors shirt in addition I really love this Western influence of their surroundings is foregone entirely. There are two whiskey cocktails, including one called the Whiskey Buck, which is made with spicy ginger turmeric. They’ve also enlisted an Aspen landscape artist to adorn the deck with spruces and locally foraged plants. Meanwhile, their tables are crafted out of pine, and servers will wear Spyder ski-wear. “We wanted to have the feeling that you can ski straight off the slopes and straight into Dante at the snow lodge,” says Pride.

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