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Their impact on the lands they visited/settled/conquered has been great Dogs and hockey make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt. Apart from Scandinavian languages, early Dutch and German, English owes a lot of its everyday lexicon to Norse origins, including perhaps unsurprisingly, words like “landings” and “steersman”. Their long-term impact on Holland led to the latter-day creation of a fine Dutch banking system aiding great voyages, a model that would be copied later on by many other countries. The “Normans” who invaded England later on greatly changing her history and destiny, were after all, “Norse men” of Normandy, again founded by Vikings on the west coast of France. As “Varangians” they were the famed Imperial Guard in Byzantium. Sailing down the Muscovy river, they settled Rus, giving us Moscow. as great metal workers, their legacy continued in Northern Europe which has been the cradle of many technological innovations in various kinds of a smithy. Last but not the least, they gave us the days of the week use in English and around the world! 

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Dogs and hockey make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

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You can (try to) formalize the work and make these corporate agreements of what’s supposed to be done. Making a strict delineation of essentially outsourcing work. But I’ve rarely if ever, seen that happen successfully. Such projects/assignments always go out of budget, run out of time and they never deliver what they’re supposed to. When you hire someone, you’re not hiring a specific job to be done, you’re hiring someone that gets to do their own thing, someone that has their own input to what you as an organization will be doing. They will change the organization by simply being a part of it. As such, if you find the right person but they interviewed for the wrong job, you can decide to make the right job for them. Whitney was most certainly the biggest black female pop star of the eighties, quite possibly the biggest female star of any race rivaling only Madonna. She opened so many doors for women of color in music and shattered records previously held by men, in particular white men, like the record 7 consecutive #1 singles that eclipsed the 6 that The Beatles had. A record that still holds to this day.


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