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Loki has always been one of my favorite characters because of his depth and unpredictability Baby Yoda spill the tea shirt. This scene showed just that. When Loki had finally come to rejoin his brother’s side and come to terms with his heritage and his place in the world, he also made his mind to make a last stand against what he feared more than anything in the world. Thanos. When Loki was first exiled and trapped by Thanos at the end of Thor 1, the writers of Marvel as well as Tom Hiddleston himself said that even though Loki’s exile wasn’t shown on screen, it was absolute hell for Loki. It was told to be traumatizing and agonizing with unimaginable horrors. And in this one moment, Loki braved every last bit of those horrors, standing face-to-face to the source of his greatest torment. Even though Loki didn’t seem to survive this confrontation, it was still an incredibly brave act on the part of the sneaky trickster, and an inspiring conclusion to his character arc.

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One of the most beautifully rounded character arcs culminated at this moment. Black Widow, the heartless assassin and calculative weapon became the soul of the Avengers in Endgame, and the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. She had read in her ledger and she wiped it clean in this one moment. All she ever wanted was redemptions, and this was a beautiful and heart-wrenching moment of bravery where she received her due. She fearlessly confronted her chosen fate with determination to do whatever it took to save the world and trade her soul for the souls of half the universe. In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated moments of the MCU. Doctor Strange started out a pompous, self-centered jerk who cared for no one but himself, but then became the Sorcerer Supreme who would give his own life in order to save the universe from the Dark Dimension. And he didn’t just give his life once. He told Dormmamu himself that he would be trapped in this time loop, dying for all of eternity. It’s enough to give your life once. But to die billions of times over and over again? Doctor Strange endured the pain of countless deaths, I’m assuming that the movie didn’t even show all of them. And Dormmamu was the one who gave up.


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