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We as a society have understood the benefit Try jesus not me cause I throw cans Twisted Tea shirt and morality in helping and being compassionate for people who suffer physical illness. Let’s keep moving in a positive direction to include mental illness. The way I have done this is to accept a diagnosis of depression/anxiety as something that isn’t my fault, but is my responsibility to deal with — just like a diagnosis of allergies or genetic disease. I talk openly with people about this as needed, and advise people who have similar symptoms that took me to the doctor to consider asking if the medicine I am on can help them. You haven’t said how old this player is, or why he is acting so strangely. If he’s a younger player (say, preteen to early teenager) or has a learning disability that makes empathy unintuitive, I’d certainly be willing to consider this a personal growth moment. In that situation, you might have a player who is willing to try and be less of a dick about loot but has actual neurological difficulty following through on it consistently.

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You shouldn’t need to do this with an adult player, and I’d consider talking to an adult player who isn’t neurotypical before doing it, but for a kid who is willing to try to be better, it might help them normalize the idea that they’re playing for other people, not just with them. That is the perspective of your about easily things. We always ignore or not doing many things just by thinking ‘oh it the easy one, what’s the benefit of doing it again and again. Many people always think that it’s very easy to speak in front of many people. and of course, they have to think so because of our prime minister who made us think so. but is anyone ever thinking about how he can deliver his speech so influntly ?. Just by practicing it or delivering it frequently since his childhood.


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