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Every year around Black Friday, the Tax The Rich AOC Shirt also I will do this influx of designer sales turns me into a strange version of myself that is both highly impulsive and overly analytical. Sometimes I’ll overthink a sale item for days, asking all the proper questions like, “Would I buy it for full price?” Other times I stop mid-walk and sit on the side of the road to type in my credit card because I cannot believe that bag I ogled over when it was walking down the runway is a shocking 75% off.

Tax The Rich AOC Shirt

But this year in particular, I am trying to manage my impulsive side and approach designer sales with the Tax The Rich AOC Shirt also I will do this mindset that these discounts are an opportunity for me to invest in brands that I love all year round. I’m also considering what I will actually wear during the holiday season as I surely will not be attending the same kind of gatherings as in years past. Though I still feel slightly overwhelmed, I have developed some tricks sure to prevent any nonrefundable regrets. In fact, my favorite wardrobe pieces are always the ones I bought at a discount, which makes a lot of sense because these designer sales are a time for me to buy into the brands I admire on a daily basis. Can I afford a gorgeous designer bag at $2,000? No, but I can splurge on it at $500, knowing that I am being a more thoughtful consumer.

Tax The Rich AOC Shirt hoodie

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