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But if you are talking about sparring where the aim is to polish your skills Toilet Paper Light Oh Quaran Tree Christmas 2020 just roll with it shirt and get some exercise (the focus isn’t learning a technique), a white belt rolling with a brown or blackbelt (at full tilt) won’t benefit either. Until and unless the black belt is reducing the level tremendously. Which can be boring for them as they won’t benefit much from it at all. So in either situation, it’s not a beneficial situation for a black belt. There are circumstances where higher belts might want to roll with lower belts – to warm up, to have an easy roll to recover after a hard one, or if they like the person and want to help them improve. To be honest, yeah, it’s probably not ideal compared to smoking pure cannabis.

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However, that said, studies have not provided terribly consistent results on that specific point. I would personally suggest that it’s probably best not to mix tobacco and cannabis, but I must also caveat that this statement is based entirely on personal intuition/opinion and has no empirical basis. It’s a bit harder to do in 5th edition D&D since there’s not quite that level of granularity, but it’s not impossible. In this case, maybe you could give them an advantage on the saving throw if it meets that particular situation, but I wouldn’t. If you want your character to have a mechanical benefit, you need to back it up with mechanics. I know this may make some more roleplay-focused people look askance, but I think a lot of people forget that, yes, a character is more than the numbers that make it up – but those numbers are still important because they help shape your character. This is because the point of contact during pure roll is at rest or has no relative motion with respect to the ground (in case the ground is moving). Thus energy remains conserved of initial and final states as frictional work is zero.


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