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This is truly horrendous and so sad. Saw this on the news it really was powerful and moving and in this day and age nobody should have to be hungry it makes you think hard. Cherish what you have coz there are people out there with nothing. Our government should be ashamed of itself, I feel angry and upset, we should be doing far more for our poor and hungry not giving money away to wealthy nations!! Dear God where has our humanity gone.

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This is how the churches in the 21st century be! Rather than letting homeless people sleep on the door of their marvelous cathedral… It’s really upsetting… Those marvel of the churches’ building is a faaaaaar way away of what Jesus is about. That we are still seeing people living hand to mouth in the 21st century is shameful especially when everyday we’re hearing about billions been spent on projects no body wants for a handful of privileged people.

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