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That created a Trading Range Pattern for thousands of stocks. Only a few hundred stocks have been in strong uptrends at new all time highs. Apple Inc is below its all time high in a sideways price pattern, AMZN is well off its all time highs trending sideways also. If you did what I did and counted the number of stock below their all time high, you would see that the indexes are misinformation at this point, implying a stock market that is rising to new highs when the majority of stocks are not. The intention of The FRB was to halt the rapidly declining stock prices to protect the money investing in stocks. But FRB wen overboard and created a bubble within a few hundred of the 5400 stocks listed on the exchanges of the US. This gives a false stock market strength. For many of the speculators who were new to the stock market, they have lost a huge amount of money as stocks slide down and sideways rather than up. They believe that these stocks will recover. Yes, SOME will recover, not all, there are about 1000 companies that have prices so low the assets are worth more sold at an auction than the company market cap is worth.

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Thus if someone new to investing buys the wrong stock, they will lose every penny as the Raiders come in swoop up the cheap stock and then sell the assets of the company for profit. The Raiders only have to pay the secured debt holders, not investors. Other companies are in industries that are going to continue to struggle through the pandemic with much lower revenues and earnings. This group of about 2000 will probably survive but many will merge or be acquired by a similar corporation in the same industry. Others will have long term trading range cycles where the stock moves sideways for many years, often a decade if studied historically.
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