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In an interpretation of classic design and pop subculture, makeup artist Pat McGrath etched on an array of precise winged liner designs—pared with translucent gloss or deep bold lips—for Valentino. Furthering the Official offended flakes shirt besides I will buy this beauty counterparts to Pierpaolo Piccioli’s radical romanticism was the array of directional hair looks conceptualized by hairstylist Guido Palau. The standouts? Icy blue dye jobs courtesy of colorist Davide of Italy’s Blance salon.Inspired by the Hitchcockian film that opened Ferragamo’s show, makeup artist Fara Homidi presented a “twisted, more naughty version” of classic ’50s cat eyeliner with thick, sharp wings in subversive shades of white and crimson. To give the overall look a modern feel, she added an “ultra-shine plastic finish” to the lips with translucent gloss. “It brought a new punk feeling to the cat eye, a feeling of rebellion while still feeling fresh and strong,” said Homidi.Isolated Heroes, a photography book of David Sims’s pictures of street-cast models for Raf Simons spring 2000 show, served as a reference point for Prada’s spring hair vision. Accordingly, Palau served up an array of “boyish” model haircuts that skewed ’90s with an intentional DIY quality. “With everything going on in the world, people want to be able to do things at home and at the same time are a little less precious about experimentation,” said Palau.

Official offended flakes shirt

To make the Official offended flakes shirt besides I will buy this models look all the more at home in Versace’s fantasy underwater dream space, hairstylist Paul Hanlon soaked lengths in gel, then intricately shellacked them around the hairline and down to the décolletage. Upping the glamour, makeup artist Lucia Pieroni painted on neon-bright lips that popped against the clothes, cast in retina-burning colors and sea motifs as an ode to Gianni Versace’s spring 1992 Trésor de la Mer collection.Riffing on Fendi’s iconic baguette bag, hairstylist Sam McKnight introduced the “Fendi roll,” a polished, low-slung updo with rolled pin curls in the back, in a “myriad of shapes and sizes” to suit the diverse cast. The original inspiration was a photograph of ’30s actress Merle Oberon, the first biracial actress to be nominated for a best-actress Oscar.

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