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She started to gather up plates from around the table. This he thought was his chance to show her that he was the “Alpha male”, and he grabbed her by the butt and pulled her close to him. About that time I grabbed him by the ear and started towards the door (there was a local police officer outside.) I dragged him outside followed by Anna and the manager on duty, over to the police cruiser. Told the officer what had happened, he asked Anna and the manager if they wanted to press charges against either of us. The manager said that the “cowboy” needed to sober up and asked for me to pay my tab and leave for the night. I walked back in while the officer took the other guy to jail to sleep it off, I gathered my stuff and went to pay out. The manager was at the register to ring me up, after doing so she gave me a hug and asked if I was going to be back in the following night. I said I would be. I found out the next night the rest of the table of “cowboys” had apologized for their friend and all left a hefty tip.

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Things got so bad we couldn’t open our windows, couldn’t be outside, couldn’t sleep…and we decided to sell our house, that’s when things got even worse. We moved prior to our house selling (months prior we just couldn’t take it)…they would make sure to torture us anytime we were there to get the house ready to sell. My daughter came to move stuff out and they surrounded her yelling explatives. They did the same to me. The kids would chase our cars yelling, cursing and making hand gestures. They were scared of my husband. We finally went to file harrassment charges against them with the police, they said it didn’t classify as harrassment. That same day we came to the house to find the kids had drawn threats all over our walk in chalk. The police said it was just chalk…wash it off. We put in cameras to protect the property. We told our realtor everything for her safety. She was so frightened by them she would make sure to have another realtor with her for open houses. We sold the house at a loss and got the hell out of there. Never again with an interior townhouse or a shared walk/driveway. So while you aren’t “required” legally to tell your realtor about a horrific neighbor, ethically you should.

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