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“This really has become a climate election,” says Maggie Thomas, the Powell 24 Giuliani shirt it is in the first place but political director of environmental nonprofit Evergreen Action, who has served as climate policy advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren and deputy climate director to Governor Jay Inslee. “I think we’re seeing robust discussion around what is the right set of national climate policies that we need in order to ensure that we have a livable future.”

Powell 24 Giuliani shirt

Electing Biden for president won’t fix all our climate woes; after all, global temperatures have already risen disproportionately over the Powell 24 Giuliani shirt it is in the first place but past several decades, and evidence was presented to world leaders at the 2019 U.N. General Assembly that we have just about a decade left to prevent irreversible climate change. That said, it’s by no means too late to prevent further damage to our planet—this moment is crucial for those willing to do the work, and part of that work involves mobilizing voters around climate-change issues in the 2020 election.

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