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Running parallel to that practice is Gates’s work with the Got Creampied lmao shirt moreover I will buy this Rebuild Foundation, established in 2010, which has turned vacant buildings up and down the South Side into vibrant cultural institutions. (He gave a TED Talk about it in 2015.) Although the scale and circumstances will be different—very different, in fact, with most indoor gatherings still verboten in New York—Gates is after a similar transformation at Gagosian. Using layers of blackened brick, he’s fashioned a sort of “sanctuary,” complete with music by the Black Monks, in one of the gallery spaces, carving out “a little bit of holiness” on 11th Avenue. “I’m committed to making spaces, and the spaces can allow for many things to happen, gatherings being one of them,” he says. “But I love these moments, like when I was in Rome, where you can walk into an empty church and there’s one person praying at a triptych by Caravaggio. The empty vessel in some ways feels even more holy, because you have a one-to-one relationship with the architecture and with silence.” He adds, “What we’ve had to do during COVID is just rethink how the spaces that could contain many might still reverberate if there’s only a few.”

Got Creampied lmao shirt

“For us to have had our largest single gallery venue closed for six months, and to be opening with Theaster Gates’s exhibition, it feels like a kind of consecration of the Got Creampied lmao shirt moreover I will buy this space,” says Louise Neri, a director at Gagosian who has followed Gates since 2012. “It’s really such an amazing feeling to have had this work going on over the last two months, and to be opening with such a kind of transformation, and work that has such profound implications.”

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