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The waitress returns and we order more drinks and some appetizers and the whole time the guy is fondling me thru my skirt and I’m getting pretty aroused. By the time our drinks and appetizers arrive I’m hard as can be and the guy keeps me that way while we share our appetizers and chat about the night ahead. Then the guy checks his watch and says he has to go meet some friends and goes to leave some money on the table and my girlfriend says oh no our pleasure then laughs and says well more hers than mine but still fun. The guy laughs and asks should I let her finish or leave her hanging? And my girlfriend says if you wouldn’t mind finish her so she’s not pointing the way when we leave the restaurant.

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The laughs again and his hand goes back to work on my hard on and soon I’m squirting a big load onto the nylon slip I’m wearing under my skirt. The guy gets up to leave and says nice meeting you both and my girlfriend says nice to meet you too. You know where we’ll be tonite so maybe we’ll see each other again and she can return the favor. The guy laughs and says I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you two then and leaves. We got the bill and paid it and I was a sticky mess under my skirt as we made our way back to the room to clean up and change. I felt pretty used and dirty but also excited by the crazy start to our weekend.

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