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During this time I word have a nice conversations with my student and her boyfriend. One time my student wanted to take a shower right after the lesson. Her boyfriend wanted me to do a little solo just to show him what I could do. Well, I never shy away from being a ham so I had a little fun on her drumset. I was impressed with how good it sounded. The boyfriend was impressed with my playing and continued talking to me while I was packing up my gear. Suddenly my student came out of the bathroom and walked down the hall to the kitchen. She was completely naked. She give her boyfriend a defiant look and smiled at me. He looked surprised by her antics. Then he looked at me as if to say, wtf? When she came back through he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down over his knee. I could tell that they had done this before. Many times. So I wasn’t alarmed by his behavior. Then he told me that since I had given him a show, he would give me a show.

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He proceeded to make my student’s butt bright red. She was staring at me the whole time and talking dirty. When a pause came in between the whacks I thanked them for the show and hurried to head out the door to give them some privacy. When I showed up for the next lesson my student’s boyfriend thanked me for giving his girlfriend an outlet, but I didn’t think I could take credit for that, since she is the one that has the desire and is willing to take the time out of her life to practice. But still, he insisted on making a gesture of gratitude and told me to feel free to put her over my knee and give her a bare butt spanking if she deserved it. I was flattered, but in an effort to avoid complications I didn’t go beyond giving her drum lessons. But that was definitely one butt spanking I have witnessed that I won’t forget.

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