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If you start to avoid or ignore a narcissist and you were previously considered good supply, the narcissist will start scrambling in an attempt to find a way to exert an influence and leverage over you again. For example they will victmise themselves in some way to extract your pity, or they will frame situations require you to interact with them in some way. Once they have you speaking to them, they will be testing all your potential ‘entry’ points to see the best to wiggle themselves back into your life and control you. They are like an octopus with a thousand tentacles seeking an opening. If they are unsuccessful in getting you to respond to them in the way they want you to, which could be the case if the target is successfully applying the ‘grey rock’ technique, the narcissist might feel forced to hunt for supply elsewhere. The narcissist absolutely hates being forced to hunt for ‘existential’ supply.

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They ‘love’ hunting for supply generally to have as potential backup or for triangulation purposes, but they hate being in a position where current supply is absent or critically low. I remember crying and holding my lower back for hours and hours.The last time it became unbearable was about a month before she was born, I was admitted into the hospital and they monitored my daughter and myself for 2 days. When the doctors were about to release me from the hospital they asked if I had anyone that could be with me for the next couple of weeks since I was so close to my delivery date and I was having slight complications. Eva’s father, my fiance at the time, had started working a new job and the shift they put him on was midnight to 8 a.m.

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