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During my life I have witnessed, given, and received more than a few bare bottom spankings. My personal taste is a little more extreme than that. But the most unforgettable bare bottom spanking I ever witnessed happened when I was giving drum lessons to a woman who had played drums in a band she had put together during highschool. She had gotten married and had kids. So she sacrificed her dream of being a great drummer for her children. In her late thirties she decided to get back into it drumming. I met her through a friend who had witnessed my passion for drums. First I had to bring her drumset back from the dead. It was several days of taking things apart and cleaning things off of her drums, like dried vomit and who knows what. During that time I realized she was a total brat. But she was a good student because she was eager to learn how to release the drummer within. 

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There was some flirting between us and probably could have been chemistry but I was so focused in breathing new life into a drumset that had been around since the 1930s that I didn’t notice anything else. Besides, she had a boyfriend who treated me very respectfully. He insisted on paying for my time when I had already made up my mind to do it for free. When I started giving her lessons, I would bring little a tiny drumset to her house and have her watch me from behind her drum set. Then she could just try to do what I was doing. This required a little setting up and tearing down time for each lesson.
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