Straight outta north pole christmas shirt

If the Straight outta north pole christmas shirt also I will do this president’s behavior is not okay, then why—because kids always ask why—does he get to be president? “I get so tangled up in explaining how and why he’s a bad man but also that we respect the office and the rule of law,” a mom friend told me. Her kids have started chanting “dump Trump into the dump,” which makes her proud but also conflicted, she adds: “You guys know this is not okay to say about almost anyone else?”How much rage and upset is appropriate to share (sometimes it’s simply unavoidable) and how much to conceal? And if you try to mute this unavoidable man, will your kids only end up hearing an unfiltered version of his latest attack from friends at school? Even among six-year-olds, the news of presidential coronavirus diagnoses travels fast. I’m not inclined to shelter my daughter: I took her marching down our street for the second Women’s March, chanting in unison: “He’s not my president!” But no matter how astute and observant she may be, I also don’t want to scare her or prematurely convey the sad truth that some bad guys are real.

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