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It’s a very important time to speak on social justice. Brands will say, “Oh, we embrace all shapes and sizes and all colors and hair types.” But if you look back, they don’t. A lot of brands have been there for a while and they don’t. You can see everything nowadays, it’s documented very easily. So when we make comments saying we never had someone that looked like us in their pages or on their products, we know that. Watch what people do, versus what they say, and make sure that those things go together. That’s also part of the Santa Eagles Philadelphia Christmas shirt Besides,I will do this idea of the next generation of beauty. We should own [responsiblity] from beginning to end. [Brands] need to make sure that we have a seat at the table, that we have a voice, that we are being properly represented. So I mentor people in the beauty and fashion space. I’m always trying to give back a little bit of my time or things that I’ve learned.

Santa Eagles Philadelphia Christmas shirt

I love Rihanna. I love Beyonce. Gabrielle Union is doing a lot, and I love her. [Fenty Beauty] came out with all the Santa Eagles Philadelphia Christmas shirt Besides,I will do this spectrum’s shades for all the skin tones. To have someone nowadays, continuing that type of work that we started so long ago is very important. I love that she’s doing that, and some [of the products] are probably a little bit pricey. It’s a bit mid-priced, I would say. I think it’s essential to be represented at all ranges. I like what Iman has done or Beverly Johnson. Iman has done a lot in beauty and cosmetics. These days leading up to the election, it’s important that we all do our part to activate these young voters, 18 to 35. So we want to educate them about voter suppression and prepare them for this experience that they’re getting into and help them cast their ballot.

Santa Eagles Philadelphia Christmas s Hoodie


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