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Social distancing is tough, especially for new parents. Like many, Mother of Pearl’s Amy Powney has found herself at home over the Mama claus sweater and I love this last few weeks, waiting out the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While time spent indoors with a little one is inherently joyful, an unprecedented crisis presents new challenges. As a designer, Powney has always focused on sustainability and ethical fashion. Since the birth of her eight-week-old daughter Niamh, those concerns have been amplified. The childrenswear market is brimming with cute, teensy items that most infants will grow out of in a matter of weeks. Yet somehow Powney has skipped all that in favor of environmentally sound pieces. “My view on fashion remains the same. [Since becoming a mother] it is just strengthened,” shared the British designer via email from London. “We should all embrace self-empowerment through what we wear and buy clothes that we love, just less of them and great quality.”

Mama claus sweater

As such, Niamh’s wardrobe, which Powney regularly shares on Instagram in adorable updates, is composed of hand-me-downs and borrowed items. “Arizona Muse gave me boxes of things from her baby girl, including a crib. The plan is to have the Mama claus sweater and I love this same bundle back on and we can circulate until they are worn out,” says Powney of her model friend. “I’ve also been looking into renting to try and avoid buying too much as I know she will grow out of everything so quickly. I rent basic bundles from Bundlee, and when I have bought pieces, I’ve tried to buy organic cotton where I can. I love Mama Owl and Stella McCartney.”

Mama claus sweater hoodie

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