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“There’s so much greenwashing going around,” McCartney said in a video conference, referring to other fashion brands, “and there’s so much confusion going on. I barely know what the Merry Trumpmas Christmas sweater Apart from…,I will love this word sustainable means anymore. So it’s to give a level of clarity, really.” While the A-to-Z helped to make some heavy topics more digestible, it was her saucy collection that did the job of selling her enduring message of sustainability. It was presented in a short film captured around the gardens of Houghton Hall in Norfolk, decorated dramatically in contemporary sculpture.

Merry Trumpmas Christmas sweater

There, to a frenzied soundtrack, McCartney’s post-confinement women stomped ferociously around Full Moon Circle, an imposing planetary Richard Long work that resembles austere moonstone. The spectacle evoked images of paganism, like some Mother Nature–worshipping séance for our post-pandemic environmental awakening. If witchcraft has historically been loaded with an almighty sense of female-gaze sexuality, McCartney’s collection came full circle.

Merry Trumpmas Christmas sweater hoodie

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