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Just before COVID-19 made extended traveling impossible, Sudan Archives wrapped up her most recent world tour. The Los Angeles–based violinist (born Brittney Parks) performed in support of her debut album, Athena, which came out at the Ajr merch ajr ajr logo college shirt also I will do this end of last year. London was one of the final stops on the tour before the U.K. put travel restrictions in place. She officially ended the string of dates Stateside right before major cities across the United States were mandated to close all nonessential businesses. Athena is a lovely showcase of her varied musical abilities, whether it be her skill for beat-making, the soulful fiddling informed by the history of one-string Sudanese and Ghanaian violinists, or her ear for contemporary R&B melodies. Her tour, though, was as much a platform for her bold sense of style as it was her bombastic sound. In her music videos, Sudan Archives shows the full extent of her fashion prowess with the help of local labels such as No Sesso (she wore the superhero print straight from the brand’s spring 2020 collection runway in her video for “Confessions”) and dramatic winged corsets.

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