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The best traders control emotions by taking the money out of the equation. That is the first battle as you can’t easily alter your brain functionality and its hormonal response and chemical response to money. What you can do is have a goal that is not about the money. Such goals are based on achievement, consistency, proficiency, adaptability, problem solving skills, embracing challenges, ignoring the white noise of the markets, politics, social media and others opinions. The totally centered and focused trader eliminates the root of the problem of losses: the desire and lure of money. Once that is gone. then the focus is specific, it is channeled, and it can be controlled to a highly successful Trading Process that is done not by emotions, or news that excites and creates emotions. If a narcissist ignores you, you are already replaced. It means that he cannot care less if you are ignoring him back unless he needs something from you.

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Narcissists like to play mind games but when it suits them. If there is nothing to control over which means they already moved to the other victim, they won’t really be interested in playing with you.There are a couple of options to maintain your dignity and destroy theirs at the same time and I prefer to be a productive person. So carry on with your manipulations and agree with whatever that person is telling you. If they call you fat then you tell them thank you. Always respond in a pleasing tone that would otherwise stroke their ego and this person will believe that they have compliance which is the delusion of grandeur. If you let them think that they have control, when it hits them that they do not, you just keep agreeing with them and that is gaslight and it makes me giggle.

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