Snoopy Santa I’m the reason why has a naughty list Christmas 2020 shirt

The collaboration grew out of Pellegrino’s interest in Coulon’s stylized drawings, which utilize watercolors and ink to depict famous faces at their most radiant. After spotting the Snoopy Santa I’m the reason why has a naughty list Christmas 2020 shirt In addition,I will do this illustrations in magazines, he reached to their creator via social media to set up a face-to-face meeting. “I was always drawn to the brush strokes seen in his work,” says Pellegrino, who credits Coulon with inspiring the concept behind the clutches. “When we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Maison Pellegrino [in 2019], we called upon 11 artists to use the Julia matchbook in their way. The starting point for that idea came from my admiration for Marc-Antoine.” The feeling is mutual. “[Renaud] is a true genius, but he’s so smart as to let you think you’re the master,” says Coulon. “As an artist, I feel totally free, but this freedom makes you want to work hard to be up to his excellency. I have no words to tell how proud and grateful I am to work with him!”

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