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Yes, it’s definitely complicated access. As you know, early on in the Gnomes let It Snow Christmas 2020 shirt it is in the first place but pandemic, there were a number of in states that said abortion was not a time-sensitive procedure, so we’ve kind of seen a little bit of what a post-Roe world could look like. We saw patients traveling from Texas to Colorado, driving 20 hours just to get access to medication abortions, putting their children and elderly parents in the car—because the majority of people who need abortions are actually already parents—and we just saw the toll it’s taken on our providers, who had to answer questions about whether or not they were able to offer the procedure. We saw that early on, but our health centers have continued to open up their doors and provide access; we’ve also seen increased telehealth, and we were able to get that up and running, so that’s been part of the stop-gap around sexual and reproductive health, but people have not been coming in as much because of the pandemic. It’s definitely taken a toll.The first thing is, we have to continue to fight in the Senate, because we haven’t gone through the confirmation process yet; we have to make it clear that filling this seat is wrong, and hold our senators’ feet to the fire and demand that they are consistent with the precedent  Particularly if you live in a state where your senators are Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis, Mitt Romney, Joni Ernst, or Chuck Grassley, those are the places where we think we can get some leverage and momentum. It’s really important for those senators to hear that this confirmation should happen after the inauguration, which is what a majority of people polled say should happen. On a state level, we need to be ensuring that people understand what would happen in their state and where their federal protections would end.Well, the Hyde Amendment, which is a provision that bars the use of federal funds for paying for abortion, disproportionately impacts women of color. Roe is, [speaking in terms of intersection], the floor—as I like to say, it’s the floor, not the ceiling, because for a lot of people, abortion access is already a right in name only—so I think that’s really important to consider. The number of state bans and laws targeting not just the providers, but now shaming and stigmatizing the people seeking abortions; I think those are the places where Roe being overturned would have more of an impact on people of color.

Gnomes let It Snow Christmas 2020 shirt

Honestly, I have to think about that [laughs]. Mostly, I’m getting by through the Gnomes let It Snow Christmas 2020 shirt it is in the first place but energy of the movement; I’m hopeful because I’ve never seen this kind of outside organizing across a variety of issues. We are as strong on the outside as the potential that we have inside, and a Biden/Harris victory could really help move an agenda that could improve people’s lives. That sustains me, for sure; everything is really crazy-making, but if you can keep your eye on the prize of what real freedom looks like and imagine a world where you have the right to self-determination and control over your body, that helps.

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