xFloki – Party like it’s 1988 los angeles shirt

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Brown, who was born in California and raised in Pennsylvania, delivers this warm feeling while exploring and dismantling harmful phrases like “good hair” and the Party like it’s 1988 los angeles shirt and by the same token and false narrative that comes with it. She tells Vogue that her inspiration comes from “the hair rituals, materials, and traditions of Black women across time periods. So much so that I’ve built my work around photographing rare and cultural objects that embody them.”Lovin’, Livin’ & Givin’, “If Nostalgia Were Colored Brown,” 2014. “This image came about when I started to photograph the personal possessions in my home—a thrifted Diana Ross vinyl, vintage rollers, a hair dryer, and Afro wig tags. They signify that Black beauty is an intergenerational part of our lives.” —NB

Party like it's 1988 los angeles shirt

Don’t You Know Love When You See It?, “If Nostalgia Were Colored Brown,” 2018. “I often think about the Party like it’s 1988 los angeles shirt and by the same token and items kept by mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and so on. In this image a vintage dryer, hair gel, hair rollers, a hard-bristle brush, and a Jean Carn vinyl center the rituals of self-care through an imagined space and the collective materials of Black womanhood.” —NBBrown’s journey to becoming a photographer began her senior year of high school, when she took a digital photography class. She moved on to study art and journalism at Rutgers University before getting an MFA from George Washington University. During the course of her career, Brown says she’s learned that “creativity takes time and effort, especially since becoming both an artist and a mother.” Her care and patience shines through in the details of her work. She gathers a mix of purchased and personal items from places like the Black Memorabilia trade show, thrift stores, flea markets, eBay, yard sales, and the local beauty store. “When I make my work, I contextualize it within our lived experience using everyday objects tied to hair rituals and traditions,” Brown says. “I’m intrigued by how expressions of beauty within Black womanhood have been rooted in our personal, financial, and political uplift.”

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