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One day I was sitting at home minding my own business when the doorbell rang. My Mother answered the door and called to me in the basement it was for me. I ran up and standing there was a gorgeous little blonde I didn’t ever remember seeing before but apparently she had been in my grade in my hometown high school since grade 10. I had no idea who she was and I don’t remember her name because that is almost 30 years ago but she was there to ask me to take her to graduation. Which I did, but of course got kicked off the bus to safe grad because I was too drunk. Can’t say I remember ever seeing her again either.

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When I returned home from boarding school after grade 12 I moved back in to my parents house to live until I figured out a plan to get out on my own. The boarding school actually ended about three weeks before the regular high school I had been attending finished up so graduation had yet to happen for all the kids I had been going to school with.
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