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Technically this isn’t ridiculous but sad or funny depending on how much black humor you might understand. It’s a summer holiday weekend. I can’t recall if it was Memorable Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day. The job came in as an emotionally disturbed female trashing her home. So we’re dispatched, we go to the address it’s a building in Manhattan, a decent doorman building. I asked the doorman not to buzz up just over the front door as not to scare her and we’ll try to get her to open the door so she doesn’t barricade herself. The doorman let us in and she opened the door for use. She was offering us breakfast and coffee and honestly as a cop depending on situations I’ll accept their coffee or toast it builds a bond.problem was she was totally nude and trying to chit-chat and make breakfast.

You can’t scare me I have three daughters shirt

Yarn an item to which the world enough does not apply shirt

That’s it I’m not going shirt

Skreetcar your boyfriend’s car runs on 87 shirt

Santa 2020 the year of the mask Christmas sweater

Peace love diversity Inclusion equality human rights shirt

North Pole Born and raised sweater

MF doom shirt

Merry Smeggin Christmas sweater

Last Christmas I gave you my heart sweater

Jack Skellington Sandy claws is coming to town shirt

It’s ok if you don’t like my team not everyone has good taste shirt

In a world full of Nancy be a Kayleigh shirt

I rescue yarn trapped in the yarn store I’m not a hoarder I’m a hero shirt

I don’t need a costume I’m a nurse my job title is scary enough shirt

Hooker with heart of yarn shirt

Harry styles golden shirt

Grimlock slag sludge snarl swoop shirt

One of the only times I saw a famous person (outside of a concert) was none other than Khloe Kardashian. We were in Florida for vacation and we’re walking around this public area, I had to use the bathroom so my mom took me to this store and then while she was using it, I waited outside the store when I saw like a huge crowd of people with their phones out and such.Khloe came out of her car and her bodyguards were there too and like everyone was asking her for pictures and stuff but the bodyguards were shooing them off, and I was like “Dude, this is my once chance to get a pic with a celeb” but then I also didn’t wanna be annoying so I kinda just stayed at my spot and took pics of her from afar, but then Khloe was like “I hate these b*tches, wish they’d drop dead.” I’m pretty sure she was talking to her security guard, and then she kept glancing at the crowd with such a disgusted look.

Great American shirt

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