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It will be to Tanzania where my family is, where Gombe is, where the Corey Seager Los angeles dodgers 2020 world series champions shirt in contrast I will get this research is. We’re in our 60th year and I really need to get back there. I miss it more than I thought I would, sitting on the shore of Lake Tanganyika watching the sun set, going out in the forest by myself, learning about the interconnection of all the different species that live in the forest and together make up this tapestry of life. It is so beautiful.Obviously, as an aside, I would love them to find out more about the Jane Goodall Institute, and especially the youth program. I push this Roots & Shoots program because it’s changing lives. Sixty-five countries, hundreds of thousands of young people…it’s all about making the world better for animals, for people, for the environment. The young people choose the projects that they’re interested in, so they discuss: What can we do about plastic? What can we do about animal trafficking? What can we do to reduce our environmental footprint? And then they roll up their sleeves and get out and take action, so it’s really helping the planet. As we speak, there are young people out there planting trees and volunteering in animal shelters and raising money for refugees.… It’s really changing the world, but for everybody.

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