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By varying the area of the nano-pits and the nano-bumps on the surface of the spinning disk the graph of the measured gravitational force is derived. A gravitational diode curve is observed for variable area pits and bumps. The p-type side of the gravitational diode is the acceptor side of junction producing positive gravitational induction and a push force with a third order polynomial of a hyperbolic force like that of a balloon. The n-type side of the gravitational diode is the donor side of the junction producing negative gravitational induction and a pull force with a second order polynomial of a parabolic like that of normal gravity.

Home Alone cartoon Christmas sweater

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 turkey face mask funny quarantine shirt

Grinch 6 Feet People shirt

Fake News Assassin Kayleigh press secretary Mcenany shirt

Dragon on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

Dr. Fauci Christmas Quarantine Baby It’s Covid Outside 2020 Pandemic Xmas Ugly Christmas sweater

Dark Humor is like food not everyone gets it shirt

Cookie monster I accept cookies shirt

Born to ride motorcycles forced to go to work shirt

Black Americans Super-Predator dumb Joe Biden shirt

Arrive raise hell leave shirt

Am I perfect no but am I trying to be a better person also no shirt

2020 You’ll go down in history funny reindeer wearing mask sweater

2020 showdown World Series Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays shirt

Santa Claus I’m laying on your present funny Christmas sweater

Roberto Duran wanted to kill me shirt

Pumpkin spice connoisseur shirt

Instead of gifts I’m giving everyone my opinion shirt

Golden Retriever I didn’t fart my butt blew you a kiss shirt

Best friends and orange cassidy shirt

Amy Coney Barrett I love the united states I love the U.S Constitution shirt

A man who has nothing who risks everything to feel something shirt

Long story, but I met this really pretty girl on Instagram, and I fell in love. We both did. We talked for over two months and got really close. The first thing we both did right after waking up was grab our phones and text each other good morning. To me everything was pure bliss when talking to her and she was the only thing I cared about all day for two-three months. After a while I asked her out. Now notice she had been giving me the exact same vibes back.

2020 fucking matter shirt

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