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This is definitely important for women going through the same thing, hard for some men to understand. They are so full of themselves they think the entire planet is interested in their lives. Thank youIt seems no matter how private a moment should be that some celebrities have to make them public. Hello, You have an Adorable smile but I don’t mean to be rude to you or intrude on your profile, I just want to be your friend, That why am asking for you permission can we be friends. Its a very personal choice how a woman chooses to cope with the loss of a child and its nobody’s to judge.

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She EXPLAINED to the Media in the first place, that’s how grief-stricken she was. You never know, there might be one person out there who sees this, and then opens up about something they were told to keep ‘private which has been hurting too much for too long. And it’s certainly not your place to tell somebody else what should be kept private.

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