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If you’re not yet watching A Black Lady Sketch Show, you’re missing out on one of the Nonchalance David Ew shirt and I will buy this cleverest, most innovative comedy offerings in years. In July, the Robin Thede–created HBO sketch series—which stars a core cast of Thede, Quinta Brunson, Gabrielle Dennis, and Ashley Nicole Black—was nominated for an Emmy in the Variety Sketch Series category. (The other two nominees are Saturday Night Live and Drunk History.) This week, Vogue caught up with Black (who previously wrote for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, among other shows) about the nomination, working in the first TV writers’ room composed entirely of Black women, the importance of setting “news boundaries,” and what it’s like to be a comedy writer during a global pandemic. Grande and her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell have created a signature look so recognizable that it defies any concerns about the weather. On anyone else, the combination of crop top and down jacket might seem absurd, but Grande’s outfit was undeniably her. Of course, you don’t need the world’s most famous ponytail to transform a winter piece into a style for all seasons. Natural materials and breathable fabrics make the task easy, especially as those balmy summer days start to cool down.

Nonchalance David Ew shirt

Where are you based right now? I’m in L.A., just me and my dog. It’s been interesting, because the Nonchalance David Ew shirt and I will buy this pandemic itself is obviously very scary and stressful, but as a writer, I do my job from home anyway. It’s weird to be so busy without leaving the house! How are you feeling about the show’s Emmy nomination? I’m so excited for our director, Dime Davis, because if you go back and watch the show, it’s so beautifully directed. I’m not a director, so I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s easy to make comedy look beautiful. Most comedy shows, they’re really funny, but their shots don’t feel as composed or as gorgeous, but Dime really nailed the comedy and made a beautiful show where we look good. It’s not easy as a Black woman on television to have a crew that makes you look good, and I’m so excited to see her recognized—I hope she can’t answer my phone calls after this because her career is too busy!

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