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Why is usually when someone digging out OR breaking cemeteries Is Called a VANDALISMBUT DIGGING OUT SARCOPHAGUS AND BREAKING THEM ARE NOT SO CALLEDHey? Yeah let’s see how 2020 ends, apparently, we love how it’s going right now, just a little more Egyptian curse, JUMANJI scenes to spice it up. This is NOT the time to start messing with cursed mummies, put them back right now.

Men's T-Shirt front

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Men's T-Shirt front

300BC is high time the true Myology ie true history of the blacks of our people is coming back writing and documented in our own alphabets before there copycat alphabets. Gando Gibril The oldest Egyptians were black starting 4500BC they only talk about the Egyptians after the Greeks show up and race mixing started. 2020 is NOT the time to be messing with some curses Now the real Egyptians and builders of these great coffins and The Piramids coming back to show their true colors.

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