Be My Voice Mako Shirt

 Be My Voice Mako Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The be my voice mako shirt! In fact, during the summer – mostly in the south of France, hanging out between the beach, studio and mansion (occasionally visiting ex-wife’s or lover’s house) —Picasso barely wore a shirt Come on or a t-shirt. unbuttoned, with shorts and slippers or espadrilles and be my voice mako shirt!

Tough and 5’3 ” tall, Picasso doesn’t have the body of an exercise mouse: in one photo he stripped off a white T-shirt and tucked it into his belt like a mechanic’s rag, a on many occasions he showed off his humble belly and be my voice mako shirt! It was only meant to add to his original mystical look. Indeed, even though we are definitely August now, and many of us may not go to the beach or even close to the beach, the temperatures are still high and the ability to look fresh and stay cool is impossible. accessible.

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