Be My Voice Mako Shirt

 Be My Voice Mako Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Be My Voice Mako Shirt In my experience, even civilian Republicans have stopped saying stuff like that, even humorously. Also, they honestly say they don’t want higher voter turnout. “America is not a democracy and never was. We are a republic. The Founding Father’s through the Electoral College and Senate knew that every vote was not equal. Anyway do you really want some urban thug deciding things like politics?”.

Also a reason they don’t want convicted felons to vote. “You really want a criminal telling you what to do? You believe they make good decisions?” I guess if you did time and get released. Isn’t because your “rehabilitated”. You’re still considered a felon for life, and your probably more likely to go back to jail. Be My Voice Mako Shirt Oh you want a job? Sorry we can’t hire convicted felons. Guess how likely a person like that is willing to do anything to get food on the table. Or get bills paid. Oh, you got caught breaking the law again? Back to prison. “See, I told you they don’t make good decisions”.

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