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Hair: “Lynn was the Return Of The Mac Shirt so you should to go to store and get this bohemian girlfriend. Her hair was always on the more creative side. Braids and locs incorporated into her tresses. We would sometimes add pieces of color also.” Makeup: “Out of all the characters on Girlfriends, I had the most fun building Maya’s look. Maya loved makeup, and so did Golden. Golden had really strong ideas on how Maya would look any given day, and it was my job as the makeup artist to let her create that through me. Out of all four girls, Golden was the one I experimented with the most. She had the most beautiful velvet looking skin, which made it easier to layer on more and more makeup. It was risky to layer as much makeup as we did, knowing the HD cameras would pick up everything, but figuring out how to still make these layers of makeup look like skin was really where I developed my expertise and the concepts behind the tools and formulas I’ve created for Beautyblender today. For example, when we developed Bounce Foundation, I knew that in order for it to look like skin, it needed a certain type of finish that had never existed before in long-wear, full-coverage makeup. It took us a while to get the texture just right, but when you blend this formula out with a damp Beautyblender, you get what we coined a ‘velveteen matte’ finish. This is the same look and texture I was able to create while experimenting and building Maya’s look through an HD lens on the set of Girlfriends.”

Return Of The Mac Shirt

I was first drawn to the Return Of The Mac Shirt so you should to go to store and get this sustainable skin care brand Klur when I saw its tranquility-inspiring black-and-white images on Instagram. Of course, branding has been known to lead even the most educated beauty consumer astray, but when I tried the Gentle Matter Cleanser and found that its botanical formula served to soothe my dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin, I was hooked. Later, I learned more about the brand’s commitment to high-quality, sustainable ingredients, and founder Lesley Thornton’s affinity for giving back to and celebrating Black culture—suddenly I’d found an added sense of community I didn’t know I needed.

Return Of The Mac Shirt Hoodie

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