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Hair: “Joan was the Remember Your Oath Shirt What’s more,I will buy this attorney friend who was fashion savvy. We created some very beautiful hairstyles that went from simple chignons to a natural fro. I believe Joan helped women feel comfortable with their natural hair.” Makeup: “Working with Jill Marie Jones and building her look as Toni was also very fun. Her character was very social, very popular, and just a funny girl always looking for love. Because Toni was so extroverted, she was always going out on dates, going to parties, or going somewhere, so I had a lot of freedom to create these really fun looks for her all the time. Jill has the most luscious lips and such a beautiful mouth, so a lot of what we did was use makeup to play up her lips, making her mouth one of the biggest focal points. It was a lot of clean, beautiful skin paired with a strong lip.”

Remember Your Oath Shirt

Hair: “Toni was the Remember Your Oath Shirt What’s more,I will buy this friend that didn’t care about keeping it real. Toni wanted to completely assimilate and fit into the larger culture, so her hair was always done, usually straight and nice.” Makeup: “Persia was the first actor I encountered in my career that had one absolute rule—you cannot put anything on her face or body that was derived from an animal: products, lotions, tools, etc. This factor made bringing the character to life easier because Persia’s personal morals and qualities really aligned with her character as Lynn. Once I was able to find the right makeups and tools, the look we created for her just further enhanced the character. Lynn was supersmart, artsy, and creative, and those qualities built her makeup style that was created to be a little more goth— lots of eyeliner and smudging around the eye, not a lot of bronzer. Building Lynn’s look was a combination of her personal traits and ethical stands shining.”

Remember Your Oath Shirt Hoodie

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